Latin America’s best Gears player could be headed to the United States

In the wake of recent suspensions, Ghost Gaming look to acquire Mexico’s finest.

Photo via Joe Brady

Mexican superstar and the captain of Splyce, Daniel “Identivez” Santillana, is set to join Ghost Gaming’s Gears of War team, sources close to the player tell Dot Esports.

Ghost Gaming chose to release Demarco “Drix” Gaines and Hakeema “KeeM” Gordon last month. Rumors circulated that the team was trying to acquire Christopher “Xcells” Hill, but he was banned from the second season of the Gears Pro Circuit on June 20 when The Coalition handed out suspensions for Season One offenses.

Now, it appears that Ghost Gaming have sought out the procurement of arguably the best Gears player in Latin America. Splyce player Sahad “Involving” Jiménez tweeted out what looks to be a heartfelt goodbye to Identivez.

“Years of knowing you and I’m very happy of the opportunity that you are being given, it shows what you are capable of and that you don’t care what others think about you,” the translation of Involving’s tweet reads. “You know I’ve always trusted you since before you joined RNK. You have a true friend right here, anything you need we will be here.”

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Identivez has been instrumental to the success of Splyce as they dominated the Latin American region, winning all but two MLG 2K Series tournaments, as well as a second place finish at the 2017 Gfinity Paris Open in May.

As a current resident of Mexico, Identivez would need to move to the United States to be eligible to play for the North American team, if he does in fact join Ghost Gaming. It’s still unknown who would replace Identivez on the Splyce roster, or if Splyce would even remain in Gears esports if he leaves the team.

We’ve already seen one major esports organization depart the Gears scene in response to a major roster change so far this offseason. One thing is for certain though—Fable, arguably the second best team in Latin America, will look to take advantage of this opportunity and improve their regional ranking for Season Two if Identivez does leave Splyce.