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Where to find the Charge SMG in Fortnite

"I charge ahead."

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Patch v21.20 just went live, adding new cosmetics and challenges to the game. Though cosmetics often take the spotlight, Epic Games also makes additional changes to spice up the gameplay.

The Charge SMG is one of the latest weapons to join the current season of the battle royale. Dealing 18 body damage, the Charge SMG features an impressive fire rate that depends on how much you charge it.

Where can you find the Charge SMG in Fortnite?

Players can find the Charge SMG as ground loot and inside chests in Fortnite. If you’ve been growing a Reality Sapling on the map, it can also drop a Charge SMG as loot.

The Charge SMG replaced the Combat SMG, but it embraces a different playstyle. To get the best out of the Charge SMG, you’ll need to start charging it as you approach your target. You’ll need to stay on target as it empties its clip to deal as much damage as possible.

Compared to the other SMGs in the game, the Charge SMG’s recoil can be harder to control. If it’s the early game, you may want to find a secondary weapon to make sure you don’t lose the first gunfight of the game due to the weapon’s unconventional playstyle. If you choose not to charge it, the Charge SMG will fire in bursts.

In addition to bursting down enemies, the Charge SMG can also be a decent tool to take down wooden walls and allow players to rush enemies with their secondary weapons.