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Where to collect Floating Rings at Lazy Lake in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 3

Where are the rings at?

Image via Epic Games

Another set of Fortnite challenges is now available after the third week of the new season kicked off today.

Fortnite’s Chapter Two, season three went live earlier this month with lots of mapgun, and gameplay changes. It’d be impossible to call it a new season without a new battle pass, however, and players have been grinding the weekly challenges to level up and unlock new content. 

This week’s challenges look as easy as the previous ones, meaning you should be able to complete them in a couple of hours. One of tasks requires players to go to Lazy Lake and locate Floating Rings scattered around the famous landmark.

Where are the Floating Rings at Lazy Lake in Fortnite?

The first Floating Ring can be spotted toward Lazy Lake’s bottom right corner between two umbrellas. You can jump over one of these umbrellas or build a ramp to pick it up.

The second Floating Ring is a few meters away from the first one and is located on top of a giant tree that’s in the middle of the road. You’ll need to build your way up or land on it when you jump out of the battle bus.

If you take a right after collecting the second one, you should see the third Floating Ring next to the security booth located toward Lazy Lake’s upper right corner.

The last ring is located around No Sweat Insurance’s Headquarters, which you can locate by taking a left after picking up the third Floating Ring.

Successfully completing this challenge will award players with 35,000 XP for this season’s battle pass.