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When will the Neymar Jr skin release in Fortnite?

Do you have what it takes to carry the jersey number 10?

Image via EA

Players have seen Epic Games collaborating with names like Marvel and DC Comics in the past, and it looks like one of the most famous footballers, Neymar Jr, is next on the list.

Epic started teasing the new Neymar skin a couple of days prior to the start of Chapter two, season six, but fans will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on this new skin.

According to the Battle Pass of the latest season, you’ll need to complete a set of Neymar quests to complete his collection. The quests and the Neymar rewards are scheduled to go live on April 28, approximately the sixth week of the season. Note that you’ll need to purchase the season’s Battle Pass to become eligible for the challenges.

Alongside obtaining the Neymar Jr skin, you’ll also be able to unlock Neymar’s harvesting tool, spray, banner, loading screen, emotes, and additional styles. Event-specific quests tend to be quite similar to weekly ones, meaning it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours to complete all of them.

While completing all the Neymar challenges, you’ll be earning XP as well, making unlocking the Neymar Jr skin a tantalizing way to kill two birds with one stone.

While Neymar Jr’s skin release on April 28 may look far now, there are many new mechanics to explore in chapter two, season three. You can craft new items during a match, interact with all the new NPCs, or go hunting. Considering the first week of the season is filled with challenges that ask you to try out these mechanics, you’ll also be earning quite a bit of XP for your Battle Pass.

Make sure to loot up before you start any of these quests since most players will be looking to complete them as fast as possible, increasing the overall competition around the landmarks. Completing most of the quests in Team Rumble can also be a viable option since you’ll respawn immediately after when you’re eliminated.