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What is the Victory Crown in Fortnite Chapter 3?

You should see me in a crown.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s third chapter kicked off yesterday with a new map and a bunch of cool cosmetics that players will work toward unlocking throughout the season. From Spider-Man to new Primal skins, players may have a hard time choosing which skins they’d prefer to unlock first, making any source of extra XP quite valuable.

In addition to all the new weapons and NPCs, a Victory Crown mechanic was added to the game with Chapter Three, season one. These crowns tend to stand out and you may have already noticed players wearing them in the spawn island or you may have already looted one off the floor after taking down a player.

The Victory Crown only gets awarded to players who survive until the later stages of classic battle royale mode matches. If you get a Victory Crown due to your performance, you’ll start your next match wearing it. When you start a match with the Victory Crown, you’ll have a chance to gain bonus XP. Winning a game while wearing the crown will also unlock the Crowning Achievement emote. Picking up a crown toward the end of a match and winning also counts, meaning you’ll have quite a few chances to unlock the emote.

When you use the Crowning Achievement emote, it’ll display the number of matches you’ve won while wearing the Victory Crown.

If you haven’t been able to loot a Victory Crown in any of your matches, here’s what you can do to start your next match while wearing it.

Game modeRequirement
SoloSurvive until top four
DuosSurvive until two teams remain
TriosWin the match
SquadsWin the match

Regardless of whether you complete one of the requirements to get yourself a crown or find one on the floor, wearing one can make you a target for other players. Considering the feature is new, most Fortnite fans will look forward to unlocking the emote, increasing the overall drive to claim the crown.

How can you earn bonus XP while wearing the Victory Crown?

Players who’d like to earn bonus XP while wearing the Victory Crown can complete the following tasks.

  • Capture a Victory Crown
  • Eliminate a Crown Wearer
  • Eliminate a Crown Wearer while wearing a Victory Crown
  • Eliminate opponents while wearing a Victory Crown
  • Survived a Storm Circle as a Crown Wearer