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The Drum Gun is back in Fortnite again—but only for today

Winterfest has brought another gift, but is it a lump of coal?

Image via Epic Games

One of the most powerful weapons in Fortnite history is back in the game for just one day as part of the Winterfest celebration. That’s right—the Drum Gun is back on the island today.

The Drum Gun is a rapid-fire submachine gun that was notorious in the time it existed in the game for completely shredding builds and enemies alike. Its large magazine made it easy for players to hold the fire button and cause total mayhem.

The Drum Gun was eventually vaulted on Sep. 11, 2018 for the sole reason that it was incredibly overpowered. But the weapon was brought back for the first time during the Unvaulting Event on May 4, 2019. It soon went back to the vault, however, never to be heard from again—until today.

Yesterday’s Fortnite gun of the day for Winterfest was the Double Barrel Shotgun, another weapon that was vaulted. Every day of the winter-themed event will feature a vaulted weapon which will be brought back for one day.

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Winterfest also includes a free gift every day and challenges like finding and lighting campfires. It should be a good holiday season for Fortnite fans considering they have plenty to do and look forward to over the course of the event.