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Tfue gets frustrated after being targeted by back-to-back stream snipers in Fortnite

Stream snipers are becoming more of a nuisance everyday.

Screengrab via Tfue

Tfue explained why he’s getting tired of the Fortnite community on stream last night.

After landing on Mount Kay, which is typically a no man’s land spot that’s safe to loot, in a Solo Test Event match, Tfue was suspiciously shot at by players who he claimed were stream snipers.

Though Tfue successfully fought off the first contender, the second player managed to get the upper hand on him in an intense build fight after landing a couple of shots from a distance to significantly reduce his HP.

While queuing up for a game, Tfue said it made no sense to have that many people where he landed unless they were stream snipers. The fact that the second player rotated into the storm to fight Tfue also made his argument stronger. 

“The Fortnite community is garbage,” Tfue said. “It’s filled with a bunch of streaming sniping 12-year-olds that have nothing going on in their life.” 

Since the implementation of skill-based matchmaking in Fortnite, Tfue, other content creators, and pros have been expressing their discomfort with the state of the game. 

Popular YouTuber SypherPK also explained in a recent video that skill-based matchmaking was making it impossible to create decent and fun content. Since the skill-based system shrinks the pool of available players for a match based on ranking, it was becoming easier for people to stream snipe them.

While some stream snipers are known for bringing loot and just dancing around streamers, others try their best to kill them for bragging rights. Stream snipers are especially hard to play against since they come out of nowhere and are hard to expect if you assume they’re playing a normal game.

This isn’t the first time Tfue has expressed his concerns with Fortnite, though. He also talked about how he was enjoying Fortnite less last month due to controller players.

Controller players on PC were able to abuse the game’s aim assist that was even more effective at higher frames since it had a scaling refresh rate. They were also able to build faster and more accurately with the builder pro settings. Fortnite recently addressed the issue by fixing the aim assist refresh rate to 60 Hz in Patch v12.50.