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Tfue says Fortnite is less enjoyable for mouse and keyboard players

Will Tfue ever catch a break?

Screengrab via Tfue

Popular Fortnite streamer Tfue recently explained why he thinks the game is becoming less friendly for PC players who play with a mouse and keyboard.

After getting into a skirmish against a suspected controller player, Tfue broke down every advantage his opponent had while he got cornered.

After consuming his Shield Potion, Tfue stepped out to fight a nearby enemy. The two got into a shotgun battle that turned into a building war. Tfue noticed that his opponent was clearly faster and accurate at putting up walls while also keeping up the pressure.

“He gets all the walls, but you’re still garbage at this game,” Tfue said after his opponent missed clear shots while having an advantage. His opponent still managed to locate Tfue and finished him off while he was healing.

After dying, Tfue continued his rant by saying that Fortnite became a lot less friendly for anyone who isn’t playing with a controller. “This is the worst mouse and keyboard game I’ve ever played in my entire life,” Tfue said. “I don’t know who in their right minds would enjoy this game on mouse and keyboard.

Tfue later replied to a fan who suggested that he should also switch to a controller. He explained that there isn’t another PC game that favors controllers like Fortnite does and said adjusting to a controller would essentially be the end of one’s pro career once Fortnite becomes irrelevant.

This isn’t the first time Tfue has shared his opinions on the state of Fortnite, though. A couple of months ago, he also talked about this opinion on aim assist. “With aim assist, they can just have my tier of aiming and focus on building instead,” Tfue said.

Constantly spamming the aim key on a controller, with aim assist on, moves the crosshair onto the target and completely eliminates the need to track nearby enemies with thumbsticks. This gives controller players the chance to focus on building and outlast their opponents.

Switching between building and shooting seems to be quite faster on a controller as well with the builder pro settings enabled. The same setting also makes building instantaneous and explains how Tfue was getting outbuilt by his opponent constantly despite being on point with his timings.