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Tfue says controller players have an advantage with aim assist in Fortnite

Aim assist grants players "top-tier aim," according to Tfue.

Screengrab via Tfue

The most popular Fortnite streamer on Twitch and one of the game’s top competitors, Turner “Tfue” Tenney, believes that controller players have an advantage over PC players because of aim assist. 

Aim assist is an inherent feature of most first-person or third-person shooter games on console due to the restrictive nature of the thumbsticks that players use to aim and move their character. So aim assist helps players by tracking the enemies and slowing the thumbstick’s movement, making it easier for console competitors to aim. 

Tfue said that this advantage allows console players to easily have his “tier of aim.” “You’re getting top-level aim with literally no hard work,” he said. Although aiming is important, Tfue suggested that controller players can focus on other features in the game, such as building and edits, both of which give players a competitive advantage.

Tfue did clarify that he doesn’t find aim assist to be that overpowered. 

This issue came to light after the recent v10.40 update. This introduced new features for controller players that gave them more customization over their aiming settings. “Aim assist strength” is a new feature that grants controller players more control over their aim assist. 

Many players consider aim assist to be useful. But considering the high skill ceiling of PC players, the impact is still up for debate.