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Is Fortnite down? How to check problems, outages, and server status

Fortnite could be facing any number of issue. Here's how to check if the game is down.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games has the daunting task of maintaining one of the world’s most popular battle royales. Fortnite, despite its increasing popularity, isn’t without its issues though, and catering for over 100 million players certainly isn’t easy.

The game often goes down for maintenance, especially when a new chapter, season, or patch has recently been installed. 

Fortnite could be facing any number of issues at any time. The servers are usually stable, but they’re not always up and running. There’s scheduled downtime to keep in mind, which usually takes place every Tuesday, but there are also unforeseeable outages that regularly occur. 

If you’re unsure if Fortnite is down or the issue is on your end, the first place you should look is Epic’s official status page

If everything is green and “operational,” the problems you’re facing are likely internet service provider or hardware related and are completely out of Epic’s hands. If the Epic store is down or Fortnite is having issues, though, green will turn to red.

Another place to look is DownDetector. If Epic’s status page isn’t giving you the answers you’re looking for, DownDetector should give you a better understanding. The website provides up-to-date information, highlighting any outages over the past 24 hours. If Fortnite is down or experiencing problems, the site should give you a clear indication. 

You can also check the Fortnite Status Twitter account. If the servers are down, it will tell you everything you need to know. It will let you know if there’s scheduled maintenance taking place or something else entirely.