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Is Blitz! the best Fortnite: Battle Royale game mode?

Some players think so.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale players love the Blitz! Limited Time Mode. Blitz fans went to social media to praise it after the mode was added to Fortnite
again in the v6.22 update on Tuesday.

The Blitz Squads mode is known for its fast pace. The storm circle is faster and starts moving as soon as players drop. There are more materials and ammo available on floor loot and chests around the map, and the odds of chest, ammo boxes, and supply drops appearing on the island is higher than in the standard mode.

And Fortnite developer Epic Games pushed the game mode to its limit in the last update. Blitz now features even more resources than its previous versions, including supply drops that appear more often and drop faster, 12 loot llamas per match instead of the standard three, and 50 percent more material from harvesting.

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What Blitz fans seem to agree is that getting more materials from chests and harvesting makes the game faster and less boring. As one player put it on Reddit, “being able to engage teams back to back without spending five minutes matting back up is a blessing.”

Some think the 50 percent increase in materials from harvesting might be too much for the normal game mode, but they suggested an increase for it too. Some say that a 10 to 25 percent increase could help the regular playlists become more fun and less subject to randomness.

Epic is used to listening to player’s feedback. When players fell in love with the free play mode Playground, they asked the game developer to make it a permanent mode. The company did it.

It is unlikely that Epic will also keep Blitz as a standard mode, but we could see the developer testing increases in material harvesting anytime soon in the regular playlists. Blitz will eventually leave the game when Epic decides its time to replace it with another Limited Time Mode.