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How to hire characters in Fortnite Chapter 3, season one

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Fortnite can be played solo, but it gets more fun when you group up with other players.

In ideal squad matches, your teammates should have your back. There will be times, though, when you’ll feel like it’s just you against everyone in the lobby. But it looks like Epic Games has a solution.

Players can hire the NPCs found around the map, who will follow them as they move across the island. The character you hire will also start shooting at enemies whenever you start a firefight.

Even if you find the mechanic not helpful, you’ll need to hire a character at some point in Chapter Three, season one since it’s required to complete one of The Foundation challenges.

How can you hire characters in Fortnite Chapter Three, season one?

As long as you have enough gold, you’ll just need to interact with a character to hire them. The option to recruit them will appear at the bottom of your screen and they’ll start following you around after you complete the payment.

You won’t be able to hire all of the characters on the map, however, since some of them won’t have the option. During Chapter Three, season one, the following characters can be hired in exchange for gold:

  • Agent Jones
  • Brainiac
  • Galactico
  • Jonesy the First
  • Lt. John Llama
  • The Visitor

While some of these NPCs will have fixed spawn points on the map, others like Agent Jones will spawn at different locations in each match. Considering they can also be close to looting areas, you’ll need to act quickly after hiring them since other players may start firing at you and an NPC won’t be able to defend you alone.

To complete the hiring challenge in Chapter Three, season one, you’ll also need to travel 1,000 meters with a character. You can do so by simply continuing to move after hiring a character since they’ll continue following you wherever you go.