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How to get the Rocket League back bling in Fortnite

This can be a little difficult for new RL players.

Image via Psyonix

Rocket League finally went free to play and joined the ranks of Epic Games. The game no longer will be available for purchase on Steam, and Psyonix teamed with Epic to celebrate the occasion with a Fortnite-themed event inside Rocket League.

There are a total of five challenges in the event, awarding players with in-game prizes both in Rocket League and Fortnite. Even if you’ve never played Rocket League before, you’ll need to install and play the game to unlock the rewards given out in Fortnite.

Out of all the Fortnite rewards, the back bling takes the crown for being the most stylish, and most Fortnite fans are likely the try Rocket League just to add it to their cosmetics collection.

How do you unlock the Rocket League back blink in Fortnite

Screengrab via Epic Games

To kick things off, you’ll need to install Rocket League on your computer. The game’s available through the Epic Games Store and only require around 10GB system storage to install.

Once inside, you should be greeted with the banners of the event, and we recommend playing a couple of training matches to learn the ropes if you haven’t played Rocket League before.

The back bling reward is tied to the fifth and the last quest of the event, so you’ll need to complete the first four quests first. While the first quest is relatively straightforward, others will require you to win games while performing the game’s core mechanics at a reasonable level.

Starting from the second quest, you’ll need to equip the cosmetic rewards you unlock inside Rocket League to progress through the others. The Rocket League back bling reward is a part of the Llama-Legend quest, which requires you to get MVP in an online match while wearing the Llama Wheels you unlock after the fourth quest.

Getting it should only take you about an hour if you’ve played Rocket League before, but the first-timers can find it quite challenging to pull off. We recommend queueing for a two-vs-two match with a friend who’ll let you do the most of the scoring and saving.

You’ll need to win the game in order to receive MVP as well, so make sure to bring your A-game to the field. If you’ll be playing alone, there isn’t a quick loophole to get MVP, unfortunately. It would be best if you still queued for two-vs-two matches since the odds of getting MVP will be higher in them.

Completing the Llama-Legend quest inside Rocket League will unlock the Octane Rocket League back bling and its style variant in Fortnite.