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How do you disable tanks by damaging the engine in Fortnite?

Find a tank then shoot the exhausts.

Screengrab via Epic Games

In Fortnite‘s most recent war-themed season, players have been taking on the Imagined Order across the island. Players have been sent on multiple quests to prepare for the war and engage with the IO. Now, players are being tasked with disabling tanks by damaging the engines.

First, you’ll need to find a tank, preferably one without enemy players or IO Guards in it. You can find unattended tanks at the different POIs that have been recaptured by The Seven. Places like The Daily Bugle, Coney Crossroads, and Rocky Reels will have unattended tanks that the player can use for this quest.

To complete this quest, you’ll need to position yourself behind the tank. When you’re back there, you’ll notice there are two exhaust vents. Simply shoot the exhaust vents until the quest registers as complete. This quest serves as a tip for players who might not know how to disable a tank in a fight.

Tanks are arguably the most damaging vehicle this season, with two different firing modes and a whole lot of armor. Many players found this advantage earlier in the season when people were constantly taking every tank they could find. Overheating the vents by shooting them makes the tank stop in its tracks, unable to fire or do anything else.

The tanks you find at the different POIs that The Seven control will have a blue paint job to show that they have been captured and put in use. Players are currently taking back control of Tilted Towers, which will likely have its own tank when The Seven are successful.