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Fortnite’s The Device event explained

The end is near.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s long-anticipated The Device event finally went live today and millions of players flooded the servers to be a part of the latest unique in-game experience from Epic.

While this meant a good majority of the players couldn’t witness the event live in person, there were many livestreams documenting the historical event. In case you missed those as well, here’s what went down in Fortnite’s The Device event.

Players joined what looked to be a Team Rumble match until the timer ran out. Five giant poles located around The Agency started rising out of the water, which players were familiar with from the Storm the Agency quests. The ground was also shaking while the weather noticeably became worse. 

After all five of the poles became visible, The Agency exploded and another giant contraption appeared. Players started defying the laws of gravity as the last device went online. Players were also caught off guard by two cutscenes that featured them in a first-person view in an office with a phone call going on in the background.

Though the phone call seemed unimportant at first, it shed important light on what was actually going on. Shortly after the last cutscene, players found themselves on the Battle Bus flying over the flooded Fortnite island.

What does The Device event mean for the future of Fortnite?

Before the event went live, multiple theories were floating around the web. Some considered Midas to be a villain while others believed he was just someone who’d do anything to accomplish his mission.

While the flood was anticipated as Midas’ last trick against Shadow, the cutscenes gave the impression that he could be trying to hold it off as long as he can. The phone calls players witnessed featured an agent asking how long The Device would be able to hold “it” off. There were sharks and Shadow agents in scuba gear spotted in the storm, which supports the thesis that the flood could be Shadow’s doing—and Midas may be the one who’s trying to fight it.

While the event didn’t confirm if parts of the map will be flooded at the start of a new match in the new season, it showed that the storm will be the flood. Players could swim as soon as they walked into the storm during the game. Though it’ll feel a lot worse to get caught by the storm due to this, shark vehicles are expected to hit the servers when the new season goes live, which should make it at least tolerable to get back into the circle.

Players will find out what Epic has up its sleeves when Fortnite Chapter Two, season three begins on Wednesday, June 17.