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Fortnite’s season 7 starts this week—here’s what we want to see

A new Fortnite season means a lot of new content.

Image via Epic Games

This is the last week of Fortnite: Battle Royale season six. Season seven starts on Dec. 6, removing challenges, level, and Battle Pass progression of the previous season, except for outfit-specific challenges. Players will go back to level one and start a brand-new challenge in a Fortnite island that might be different from what we’re seeing today.

There are a lot of clues about what can happen for season seven. Fortnite developer Epic Games hasn’t confirmed anything about what players can expect to see this Thursday. But there are a lot of guesses we can make based on clues that are currently in the game and on the game’s history of changes every season.

Iceberg and castle— new named location

An iceberg with a castle on top is approaching the Fortnite island. It’s moving from the southwest towards Flush Factory. FortniteIntel took some screengrabs of the ice mass that show what looks like a castle or towers with the lights inside it turned on

This is the latest development regarding a weird white cloud that appeared two weeks ago at the same area. Players found last week it was actually an iceberg, but at first most players just thought it was a snowstorm that could bring huge changes to the Fortnite map, as always happens when a new season drops.

We still believe the iceberg won’t come on its own.

Winter-themed map revamp

If the iceberg is surrounded by a white cloud, it wouldn’t be weird if that ice mass also brought Winter with it. We’re approaching Holiday season, and Winter is about to start in the northern hemisphere. Making a Fortnite island revamp with snow-covered areas and Christmas decorations would fit the season in the real world perfectly.

Fortnite was decorated for Halloween for season six, and players even got the Fortnitemares event for a while with Cube Monsters and Corrupted Areas. This could mean a Holiday-themed event is also coming.

Christmas-themed events and Limited Time Modes

After the Halloween event Fortnitemares was introduced, players began to expect and demand more Fortnite events themed after real-world Holidays and celebrations.

A Christmas-themed Fortnite event that could last several weeks on season seven is a given at this point. Most online games take this time of the year to let their players celebrate the Holiday season in-game too, and Fortnite will likely do the same. A new game mode could take over the standard ones to force players into new mechanics and gameplay changes for a while. If not, a Limited Time Mode with snow is the least we can expect.

New Battle Pass and progressive outfits

Epic has no reason to remove the Battle Pass system from the game. Players can either buy the premium Battle Pass or go with the free version for the 10 weeks of the season, unlocking cosmetic items and V-Bucks as they upgrade it.

As in every new season, players can expect a new Battle Pass with exclusive items that were previously unavailable. Level one and 100 outfits might continue to have the progressive challenges tied to them that will allow players to unlock their other styles.

This is what we expect to see when season seven drops. Are we right or wrong? We’ll have to wait until Dec. 6 when season seven starts to know.