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Fortnite’s season 9 gets its first teaser image

The new season is coming.

Image via Epic Games

The first teaser image of Fortnite: Battle Royale’s season nine has just been revealed. “The future is unknown,” Epic wrote. The image shows what is potentially a new space-themed character skin.

Epic generally uses teasers to preview upcoming Battle Pass skins and cosmetics, just like it did when season eight was about to start. What we see in this teaser might be part of what’s coming in the cosmetics department in season nine.

This teaser comes two days after The Unvaulting event took place, which led to the destruction of Tilted Towers and Retail Row. These changes could be carried into season nine or used to make new named locations where these areas previously were.

We know very little about what’s coming in Fortnite season nine. We know this will be the season in which the World Cup Finals will take place, which means it should last about 12 weeks or more. This is longer than the usual 10-week season that players have grown accustomed to. We know what we want to see, though, and it includes additional changes to named locations like Lonely Lodge and a makeover to how challenges work.

Season nine is set to start on May 9, most likely in the morning a few hours after season eight ends.