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What we know about Fortnite season 9

The volcano has erupted.

Image via Epic Games

Season eight of Fortnite is coming to a close. Epic Games will soon usher in a new season and another collection of exciting content.

The map will likely evolve and the game should expand with it. Here’s everything we know about season nine so far.

Start time

Season nine is scheduled to start on Thursday, May 9. The specific time hasn’t been released yet, but it’ll likely kick off early on Thursday.

New season theme

Not a lot of information has been revealed about the theme of the upcoming season. We have a teaser from Epic Games, as well as a few leaked images, but that’s it. Just from looking at the teaser, it appears that we could be getting a futuristic theme. We don’t know how this will connect with the progression of the story, but it definitely opens up some interesting possibilities.

This Space Bunny skin looks particularly great. If this is the standard for the skins in season nine, then Fortnite fans are in for a treat. We don’t know if this leaked skin will be available in the Battle Pass, but it might be since it seems like a high-quality creation.

Potential Battle Pass skins

In addition to the unofficially leaked skins, another skin has been revealed by Epic.

This Banana skin is all too familiar, but if you take a closer look in the background of the picture, you’ll see a possible new skin. It’s hard to make out, but it does look suspiciously futuristic.

New emote

Spring-Loaded, an emote leaked by ShiinaBR on Twitter, could become available in the next season. It’s not that exciting, but at least it gives us an idea of what might be coming later this week.

This article will be updated when more information has been released.