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Fortnite Chapter 3 season one is live

Jump on the Fortnite island and explore the new places.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter Three Season One: Flipped is finally live. Players can hop into the matches to explore the new map, try out new items, weapons, and much more.

After defeating the Cube Queen in the final live event of Chapter Two, the island flipped to reveal a new side with multiple points of interest. The fresh map should encourage players to come back to the game and have a different experience playing Fortnite altogether. And if a new map isn’t enough incentive, there will be plenty to look out for during the season.

Half of the map is covered in snow since the festive season of the year is just beginning. Once the winter ends, players could uncover secrets about the famous Seven and other places on the map, according to Fortnite leakers. Apart from these locations, Spider-Man is coming to the game, and the Daily Bugle, from the webslinger’s version of New York, will also appear in the game.

The trailer shed some light on new items and weapons coming to the game, which should bring more variety to Fortnite. The new weather effects and animations should keep players on their toes throughout the season. In addition, the sliding mechanic introduced to Fortnite will provide different ways to duel and travel throughout the map.

Fortnite Chapter Three is out now, and players can try to experience the slew of new content on their own. The large number of players contacting the servers caused interruptions, however, and players will likely be faced with queues when joining.