Fans unveil Fortnite map by flipping pictures and posts on social media

The Fortnite community has flipped and completely revealed the newest Chapter Three map for the game.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite fans used the #FortniteFlipped hashtag on their social media to get a look at the game’s new map with Chapter Three Season One: Flipped’s release. As players engaged with the campaign’s website, more and more parts of the map appeared, giving fans an idea of what to expect from the new map.

At the first glance, the map seems covered mostly in snow. However, many prominent leakers already said that the snow is just there for the Winter season and it should go away over time. According to them, there should be primarily two main biomes, such as the Desert and Green forests and pastures on the map. 

Screengrab via FortniteFlipped

The trailer for Fortnite Chapter Three shows the Sanctuary, which is the home of the Seven, and the Daily Bugle—a nod to the friendly neighborhood superhero Spider-Man, who’s also set to join Fortnite. Apart from these prominent points of interest, the map doesn’t reveal any more names of areas on the map, but players can zoom onto the map and look for clues to the old points of interest making a return to the game.

Prominent leaker HYPEX revealed that one of the iconic Fortnite points of interests Tilted Towers could be making a return in Chapter Three, though the POI is currently under snow. With Fortnite bringing the sliding mechanic, the map would likely have its share of hills and ledges to slide along and help maneuver across the map.

The new map landed on Fortnite with Chapter Three, season one’s debut today.

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