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Leaked Fortnite Chapter 3 trailer shows Spider-Man, new map, more items, and Gears of War collab

Fortnite Chapter Three will be a start of new storylines, seasons and exciting new changes.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter Three is almost upon the players, but several new features surfaced early thanks to a leak. The title’s official Polish channel purportedly posted a Chapter Three, season one trailer today, giving fans a glimpse of what’s to come.

Although the video was taken down from its original source quickly, several channels saved the Polish-language trailer while it was live, which allowed the video to circulate online. The trailer provides a great in-depth look into all the new additions during Chapter Three, season one.

Spider-Man will be slinging his web into Fortnite alongside Gears of War‘s Marcus Fenix, and the new season will also bring plenty of new additions—including possibly a web-slinging gadget that will make everyone feel like Spider-Man.

Here are the main takeaways from the leaked Fortnite Chapter Three trailer.

New Map

As the tradition goes, each Chapter brings in a whole new map, and Fortnite‘s Chapter Three map looks visually large compared to older counterparts. Part of it could be because the map sports almost all biomes, including snow, deserts, marshlands, rainforests and more. There are a ton of new points of interest for players to explore, such as the Sanctuary—which could be the home of the enigmatic Seven—or Spider-Man’s Daily Bugle.

Unreal Engine 5 Graphics

As expected, the game runs on Unreal Engine 5 now, and it looks more gorgeous than ever. Based on the leaked trailer, many visual effects have been added. For instance, when a player chops down a tree, it doesn’t just disappear, but rather leaves a mark. If a chopped tree falls onto other trees then it collapses the next tree as well.

The game also boasts a weather system, and it has added a tornado and lightning effects to bring variety to the game. It is still unclear if these weather effects will be generated randomly on the map or will take place in specific zones.

New Mechanics 

Just like Fortnite Chapter Two introduced Swimming to the game, Chapter Three will be bringing a sliding mechanic. The sliding mechanic should work similarly to Apex Legends, which allows sliding along a ledge or hill without compromising players’ grip on the recoil of their weapons.

The game will also seemingly implement a Crown system. In a trailer, a team defeats an enemy team to get a crown as a reward and wear it themselves. This could have a variety of meanings, from a bounty on the player/squads with the highest number of kills or simply giving a buff for achieving a certain feat in the game.

Additionally, the trailer also shows a character slinging a web to move around, seemingly like Spider-Man, which could also be another feature in Chapter Three.

New Weapons and Items

The trailer showcased several new weapons and items not in the game yet. One of the items in the cinematic seems to touch on a long-standing request from players looking for more backpack space or slots. The trailer shows a tent that can seemingly store weapons, healing items, and more. It is unclear if the player has to use a slot or more in his inventory to use this item, but it should provide more liberty for engagement.

More items like sprinkler-themed healing items can be placed on the floor to effectively heal anyone within its radius. It works somewhat like a campfire. There was also a shot of players using Spider-Man to travel across the map, an exclusive mobility-based item that may make its way to Fortnite.

New Storylines and Lore

Fortnite’s unique lore will be taking new twists and turns with the start of a new season, but the huge statue of Foundation on the map surely raises eyebrows for what’s to come in the universe of the game, considering the character’s importance.

New Collaborations

The collaborations continue. One of the highest-requested superheroes, Spider-Man, seems to have made his way onto the game. He also comes with a Symbiote suit and a white variant. Apart from that, Marcus Fenix also made an appearance in the trailer, confirming a Gears of War collaboration. 

Fortnite‘s Chapter Two Live Event goes live on Dec. 4 at 3pm CT.