Fortnite's low-rarity Burst ARs are sent to the Vault in 7.10 - Dot Esports

Some variants of the Burst Rifle have been sent to the vault in Fortnite’s latest update

The Six Shooter is also leaving the game.

Image via Epic Games

The latest Fortnite: Battle Royale Content Update just went live, and with it new weapons were sent to the vault. In a move that’s rarely seen, developer Epic Games also brought back a gun that was vaulted several updates ago.

Vaulted weapons are removed from standard modes and can come back occasionally in specific Limited Time Modes. If a mode doesn’t specify it, these weapons will also be removed from them.

The most surprising change was that Common (grey), Uncommon (green), and Rare (blue) Burst Assault Rifles have been vaulted. From now on, players will only see the Epic and Legendary versions of that weapon, which look like a Famas. The good old AK-style Burst Rifle is gone until Epic decides otherwise. All other Assault Rifles are still in the game.

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The Six Shooter pistol has been sent to the vault completely after player complaints. The weapon was heavily underused due to its low accuracy and damage, and because every other weapon did its job better or more reliably.

Players will now see the Dual Pistols back, instead. It was vaulted in the 6.21 update on Nov. 1 in the middle of the Halloween event Fortnitemares, and has stayed out of the game since then. Epic brought it back today, but hasn’t specified if there are any changes to its damage or spawn rate.

The low-rarity Burst Rifles and the Six Shooter will now join a huge list of vaulted Fortnite weapons, which also include the defunct Crossbow, Tactical Submachine Gun, and Drum Gun.

Epic never says when or if vaulted weapons will return to the game at some point. Now that the Unvaulted Limited Time Mode is released, any of these weapons might see the light of day again when the mode is back to the weekly rotation of LTMs.