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Fortnite 7.01 patch notes reveal sword Infinity Blade

The first update of the season is here.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s 7.01 update arrived half an hour late from the initial announcement, but it’s here. Game developer Epic Games has revealed what’s coming to the game today in patch notes before the changes go live.

The sword Infinity Blade, which was announced yesterday, is coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale. It’s a Mythic melee weapon only available at Polar Peak. It delivers a powerful slash with the primary fire, dealing 75 damage to players and destroying structures instantly, and lets players make a huge leap with its secondary fire, destroying any structures on the way and dealing 25 damage when landing.

This special sword will also grant its user 200 health and shield, health regeneration over time, increased movement speed, and burst heal of 50 points upon eliminating an opponent. It sounds a lot like the Infinity Gauntlet that was added to Fortnite in season 4, except the sword is in standard modes.

Fortnite Creative, the new sandbox mode, has also become available for free to all players.

Aside from the sword and Creative, very few new things are coming. The Close Encounters Limited Time Mode is back with a few changes, and the plane X-4 Stormwing now deals damage to its passengers when it explodes.

Unlike the season seven update, version 7.01 came free of weekly Battle Pass challenges. These will probably continue to drop every Thursday, like they did throughout season six.

This is the first game update since season seven debuted last Thursday. There were several map changes, vaulted weapons, and new cosmetic items in the Battle Pass. Fortnite servers will become unavailable at 3 am CT for the 7.01 update deployment. They are generally back up in one or two hours after being taken down for maintenance.

You can read the full patch notes of the 7.01 Fortnite update in Epic’s website.