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FaZe Banks says the team’s agreement with Fortnite player H1ghsky1 is legal

According to FaZe’s owner, sign a 12-year-old kid ain’t against the law.

Screengrab via Ferox

FaZe owner Richard “Banks” Bengtson said yesterday that his company hasn’t broken any law by signing Fortnite player H1ghsky1.

H1ghsky1’s Twitch account was suspended last week after a report claimed that he is in fact 12-years-old and not 13 as FaZe claimed when it first signed him. Players need to be 13 to compete in Fortnite’s official tournaments and to stream on Twitch.

Twitter, which has a similar rule, deleted his account yesterday.

Banks made the statement in a response to a Twitter thread yesterday.

Not only did Banks claim the company hasn’t broken any laws by signing H1ghsky1, but he claimed that other organizations were interested in the player too. “H1ghsky1 was a signature away from signing with TSM along with a handful of other orgs,” Banks said.

For Banks, it isn’t illegal if H1ghsky1’s parents are aware of the situation and agree with the contract. He said the young player was already competing and streaming before FaZe offered him a contract.

FaZe has been embroiled in controversy recently, ever since Fortnite star Turner “Tfue” Tenney announced he was suing the organization over unfair parts of his contract. It was that lawsuit, in fact, that first alleged FaZe had signed an under-aged player—though H1ghsky1 wasn’t identified by name.