Tfue’s contract with FaZe has been released

The contract that started it all is finally here.

Photo via Tfue

Days after the start of an ongoing legal standoff between FaZe Clan and its Fortnite player Turner “Tfue” Tenney, The Blast has released a copy of the original contract between the two parties.

The lawsuit first came to light on May 20 following a report from The Hollywood Reporter. The lawsuit alleged FaZe was entitled to up to 80 percent of Tfue’s brand deals and was prohibiting Tfue from signing potential sponsorships, limiting “Tenney’s ability to compete in the marketplace” and actively violating the California Business and Professions Code.

The original contract between Tfue and FaZe, labeled “Gamer Agreement” was signed April 27, 2018 and lists the agreements between Tfue and FaZe, identified as “Gamer” and “Company,” respectively.

The most important parts of the contract regarding the recent lawsuit are listed below:


According to the contract, FaZe will pay Tfue $2,000 monthly and will collect portions of the player’s income according to the following:

Tournament earnings

  • Tournament earnings are to be split (after payments to the team coach) with 80 percent of revenue going to Gamer and 20 percent to Company.

Brand deals

  • Any brand deal featuring Gamer brought to Company by Gamer will be shared equally between the two parties with 50 percent of the revenue going to Gamer and 50 percent to Company.
  • Brand deals that were brought to Gamer by Company will be split with an 80 percent share of the revenue to Company and 20 percent to Gamer.


The contract states the Gamer shall not:

  • “appear in, sponsor or be sponsored by, or otherwise promote or endorse, directly or indirectly, any brands, products or services other than the brands, products and services approved in writing by company”
  • “promote, sponsor, endorse (using Gamer’s Name and Likeness or otherwise) or render services for or on behalf of any companies with products or services competitive with a product or service of Company or a sponsor or advertiser of Company”