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12-year-old Fortnite player FaZe H1ghsky’s Twitter has been deleted

Twitter’s terms of service state users must be 13 or older.

Screengrab via FaZe Clan

Weeks after reports surfaced claiming FaZe’s youngest Fortnite player lied about his age, H1ghSky1’s Twitter account has been removed from the social media platform.

Twitter’s terms of service say users must be at least 13 years of age in order to use the platform. Although an official reason for the account’s removal has yet to be given, it’s likely due to the Fortnite player failing to meet Twitter’s age limit.

H1ghSky1 recently admitted to being only 12 during a livestream and apologized for lying about his age, saying he wanted to “fulfill [his] dream” of being a streamer.

FaZe signed H1ghSky1 to its Fortnite roster in March, but H1ghSky1’s age came into question following a lawsuit against FaZe by Fortnite star Turner “Tfue” Tenney in May. In addition to claiming the player’s contract violated Californian law, the lawsuit alleged FaZe signed an 11-year-old player and “pressured the minor and his family” to lie about his age.

Shortly after the lawsuit surfaced, a report from Upcomer pointed to now-deleted tweets from H1ghSky1’s mother wishing her son a happy fifth birthday in 2012—which further supported claims that H1ghSky1 was underage.

H1ghSky1 saw his Twitch banned last week for violating the platform’s age limit, where users must be 13 or older. A day after the ban, however, the Fortnite player moved over to YouTube, which recently changed its rules to prohibit users under 13 from streaming unless they’re accompanied by an adult.