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Epic reverts the nerf to turbo building in Fortnite

Several pro players will be happy with this change.

Screengrab via Epic Games

One of the most controversial changes in recent Fortnite: Battle Royale history has been reverted.

Turbo building is back to normal, Epic Games announced today. “The turbo build delay adjustments we made yesterday to subsequent structure pieces placed have been changed back to their previous value, 0.05 seconds,” Epic said. “Your ability to perform ’90s’ and ‘waterfall’ should feel exactly the same as it did before yesterday’s changes.”

Turbo building allows players to quickly place structures in Fortnite by holding down the respective build button instead of having to repeatedly click a mouse or mash a button on console. But Epic increased the time between subsequent turbo build placements during the v10.20 update yesterday.

Several pro players weren’t happy with this change. Epic tried to “provide some context” about the nerf last night, claiming that “rapid turbo building favors players with low ping in disproportionate ways.”

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But now, the time between subsequent structure pieces being placed has been changed back to its value before yesterday’s nerf. Epic also provided some “next steps” for the future of turbo building.

“Now when a structure is destroyed, there will be a delay of 0.15 seconds before another structure can be placed in the same location,” Epic said. “If two or more players attempt to build a structure in the same location at the same time right after a piece has been destroyed, a random roll will now determine which player’s structure is placed. With this, we aim to reduce the impact that ping has on ‘taking a wall’ as well as mitigate situations where spamming walls in the same location prevents all incoming damage to the defender.”

Several pro players are, not surprisingly, happy that Epic reverted the turbo building change relatively quickly. And now, most of them probably just want to see the B.R.U.T.E mech removed from the game.