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Best Fortnite Creative maps for practicing sniping

You will start throwing 360's around in no time.

Fortnite’s building element makes the battle royale one of the unique titles in the genre, but without a good aim, it may be almost impossible to get a victory royale.

There are all types of weapons in Fortnite, and each shines in different scenarios. Miniguns, drum guns, and RPGs are great at destroying buildings, while shotguns and submachine guns are the way to go for close-range fights. For anything longer than medium range usage, though, sniper rifles still reign supreme and allow players to land deadlier shots than a regular assault rifle.

Sniping may seem easy while you’re watching montages, but it’s essentially an art, and you as the artist have a lot to consider before pulling the trigger. Your targets’ movements, the way they’re building, and the distance in between are all crucial factors to calculate in for a precise shot. Securing long-range kills can allow you to push an enemy squad you wouldn’t be able to otherwise, while it also gives you an adrenaline rush in the process.

Though every match itself is a great way to practice, it may be especially hard to get sniping training in. You’ll both need to find a sniper rifle and hope that you find yourself in a situation where you can snipe someone. Since this is a rare occurrence, you should be ready when the time comes, and you can only achieve this by training in sniping maps via Fortnite’s creative mode.

Here are the best Fortnite Creative maps you can try out to master the art of sniping and catch your enemies off guard.

All-in-one sniper training course by Halo

You’ll find yourself in thousands of different in-game situations while facing off an enemy player. They could be peeking through windows or just be making zigzags in an open field. 

You can practice similar, and even other scenarios in Halo’s all-in-one sniper training, which features both moving and stable targets on different levels. If you can’t see any moving targets in the map, kill all the bots, or try to go back to the Creative hub and re-join.

The map also features a particular level that allows players to practice trick shots, which is one of the most class acts you can pull off in Fortnite.

Map Code: 6880-9165-6738

Basic long-range sniping training by Selage

If you’re just getting into sniping, you may want to take it slowly before moving onto trick shots and moving or peeking targets.

Selage’s sniping map features hundreds of targets scattered around a mountain. Grab a rifle and position yourself on the platform to start. Though the map doesn’t have any difficulty levels, you can introduce challenges to yourself once you get familiar with the process.

Try moving and stopping right before you take a shot, or swapping targets every time you pull the trigger to make your aim more precise. The forts built around the mountain also feature some of the most common building patterns that Fortnite players use in a regular match, and you can find some peeking targets around openings.

Map Code: 1363-8428-3160

Free-for-all sniping map by CallMeCypher

Sniping static and moving mods is a necessity to get your sniping skills up from ground zero. They can only get you so far, however, and you’ll need to practice against real players at a certain point.

CallMeCypher’s free-for-all (FFA) sniping map features various terrains with speed boosts and other crazy elements that make it harder to snipe someone. If there happens to be no one in the map, consider inviting your friend or joining a training community to make the most out of FFA maps.

Map Code: 9780-4459-4229

No-scope training map by Dux

Scopes make snipers what they’re, but sometimes you may not have enough time to set up a perfect shot. The storm might be shrinking behind you, forcing you to use a launchpad to fly straight towards your enemies.

While a situation like this will make you switch to your short-ranged arsenal, you can always try your luck with a final sniper shot. In the best-case scenario, you’ll one-shot an enemy before getting yourself in a close-range fight.

Dux’s No-Scope Training has almost no gravity, which makes it a great map to practice no-scope trick shots. You can pick your poison from the map’s wide range of sniper rifle selection and let it rip since you won’t need to reload or stop for bullets.

Map Code: 4561-0891-3730

AWP Lego sniper training map by SENIX

AWP Lego map is one of the most iconic sniper training maps from Counter-Strike. Though the map mostly aims to capture a nostalgic vibe, it’s still a great training ground to train your heavy sniper rifle skills.

Despite having unlimited ammo, you’ll still need to reload after each shot, which gives players a lot of time for movement and makes it harder to hit shots.

Map Code: 4265-3743-2329

Though these maps are great tools to sharpen your sniping skills, you can also find yourself stuck after a certain point. Watching guides and professional players can help you broaden your skill set further with new moves.

In addition to community maps, Team Rumble matches are a great way to practice your sniping as well. Team Rumble matches tend to be hectic with lots of building activity, and you can find yourself a hiding spot to snipe down anyone fighting in the middle of the circle. Be careful, though, since once you actually kill someone, they can track you down from the sky and land on top of you to get revenge.