Another famous Witcher 3 hero is apparently on her way to Fortnite

There's more coming for The Witcher fans.

Promotional art for collaboration event between Fortnite and The Witcher, showing Geralt surrounded by monsters.
Image via Epic Games

Following the successful addition of Geralt, another character from the Witcher franchise is coming to Fortnite in a new collaboration event, according to leaks from June 20.

Dataminer iFireMonkey shared files revealing new elements of a second Witcher event, including a new skin and glider for fan-favorite character Ciri.

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The leaker couldn’t show what those skins will look like in the game, though. The only visual asset revealed was a banner icon showing Ciri.

It’s also unclear what could Ciri’s glider look like. Geralt’s glider was his horse Roach, so it’s likely that Ciri’s will be related to her character in some way too.

The event will also include two creative islands named “Maze” in the game’s files, according to the leaks.

If the second Witcher collaboration event follows the same format as the first one, Ciri should be obtainable through the completion of exclusive challenges.

It’s also unclear when she’ll release in Fortnite. It could be synchronized with The Witcher‘s upcoming Season Three on Netflix, though, whose first part is planned to release on June 29. If that’s the case, players should hear more about the event very soon.

Meanwhile, players can still explore the new content introduced to Fortnite with the release of Chapter Four, season three on June 9. It introduced a new battle pass with exclusive skins to collect, as well as numerous map changes, and the introduction of raptors to add to the game’s chaos.


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