All Storm Awakening challenges in Fortnite and how to complete them

"Winds, obey my commands."

Screengrab via Epic Games

Ororo Munroe, also known as Storm, has made her debut in the Fortnite universe. She’s one of the members of the elite squad featuring Iron Man, She-HulkGroot, Thor, Mystique, Wolverine, and Doctor Doom.

The team filled with heroes and villains will be going head-to-head against Galactus throughout Fortnite’s Chapter Two, season four. Beloved Fortnite characters will help them try to save the world from getting wiped out of existence.

Each Marvel skin can be unlocked through leveling up the season’s battle pass, which costs 950 V-Bucks ($8). The protagonists of the season are without their powers, however, until players unlock their respective Awakening challenges. These quests unlock more cosmetic items for players and also help the heroes and villains regain their powers.

You won’t be able to check out these challenges inside the game without reaching their respective levels, but we’ve got you covered if you’re already there. Fortunately, the Awakening challenges are much easier than the weekly quests and Punch Cards, making them a seamless process to complete.

There are a total of three Awakening challenges for Storm. Here’s how you can unlock her powers, “Gale Force.”

How to visit the Weather Station as Storm in Fortnite Chapter Two, season four

Equip your Storm skin and queue up for a game to start off the first Awakening quest. You’ll need to visit the weather station, which isn’t a marked point of interest on the map.

The weather station is located toward the south of Catty Corner and is on top of a snowy mountain. You should hear the challenge completing while you’re landing at the station and a pop-up saying it was successfully done should appear once your feet touch the ground. After landing, beware of other Storms since the landmark is likely to be crowded with other fans who want to unlock her powers.

How to ride the Steamy Stacks in the storm as Storm

The second challenge of Storm’s Awakening questline is the most time consuming of the three. Despite being easy to complete, it’ll probably take about five or six minutes to complete since you’ll need to wait for the Storm as well.

Head over to Steamy Stacks and make your way up to the pipe-like building that has a gigantic fan blowing from the bottom. You’ll want to dive right in after the Storm hits you and you’ll ride the Steamy Stacks in the storm as Storm by doing so.

How to emote as Storm at the center of the eye of the storm

The center of the eye of the storm changes every game, but you can pinpoint where it’d be right after the first cycle settles in. Open your map and mark the middle of the map. Make your way there before the next cycle kicks off.

If you get to the center just in time, you should notice a purple lightning rod surrounded by a chamber, which looks like an XP coin. Stand on top of it and perform an emote to complete the challenge.

A cape will appear on your Storm’s back after you complete all of the above quests and she’ll have full access to her powers once again.


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