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All Delta One quests in Fortnite Chapter 3, season one

Get them while they're fresh.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games makes each battle pass better than the previous one. Considering players can only unlock the rewards throughout a Battle Pass’ respective season, completing challenges becomes a must.

Weekly challenges and milestones aren’t the only ways to earn XP in Fortnite since Epic also adds more quests into the game as a part of collaborations or mid-season events.

Based on Gears of War, Delta-One challenges were recently introduced to Fortnite. Completing this series of challenges will award players with XP and Gears of War-themed cosmetics. While some of the Delta-One challenges will require collecting items from different parts of the map, which can be slightly time-consuming, there will also be others that you can complete within a few minutes.

The challenges will guide players on where to go with markers on the map, but that may not always be crystal clear. If you struggle to find any of the items or destinations, try checking out guides on YouTube to find out where exactly you need to go.

Here are all the Delta-One challenges in Fortnite Chapter three, season one.

  • Collect COG Tags
  • Crouch Behind Barrier
    • Crouching behind any of the five barriers on the map will be enough to complete this challenge
  • Damage Opponents with Melee Attacks
  • Do Shotgun Damage to an Opponent
  • Collect Thrashball Memorabilia
    • You’ll need to complete three of Trashball Memorabilia to complete this challenge

Players who purchase the Kait and Marcus bundle will also be able to unlock the following cosmetics after completing the challenges.

  • Breaker Mace Pickaxe
  • Butcher Cleaver Pickaxe
  • Sonic Resonator Back Bling
  • Reyna’s Pendant Back Bling 
  • Thumper Pickaxe
  • Skiff Glider

Though Fortnite’s Chapter Three, season one still has a way to go, fans will only have until Dec. 17 to complete the Delta-One challenges. The side-event will conclude on that date, and the missions won’t be available anymore.