The 10 best skill moves in FIFA 21

If you learn these moves, you'll be capable of beating many players.

Image via EA Sports

Knowing some of the best skill moves in FIFA 21 is one of the most important aspects of the game. With the right skill move, you can create enough space to break your opponent’s defense and score.

Mastering those techiniques will make you a better player, whether your goal is to beat the AI in Career mode, take down your best friend in Friendlies, or become an elite-level player in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, the game’s most popular mode.

Skill moves aren’t as hard as you may think, and the majority of them can be picked up in a matter of minutes. Here’s a list of the best skill moves in FIFA 21, ranked in order of difficulty to make things easier for you.

10) Ball roll

A ball roll is simple yet effective. It’s one of the skill moves that pro FIFA players use to exhaustion in every game. It’s a two-star skill move, which means that even defenders are capable of making it.

To make a ball roll, all you need to do is hold the right stick to the left or to the right, and it will make your player move the ball in either direction. It’s a great tool to alter the ball’s position before making a pass or to trick aggressive defenders.

9) Drag back

One of the most overpowered skill moves in FIFA 20 is still a great technique to know in FIFA 21. The drag back consists of using one of your players to pull the ball back with the sole of their foot, which keeps the ball out of the reach of defenders. From there, you can move the ball in any direction by flicking it with your player’s foot.

You’ll need a player with a minimum of two-star skill moves to perform it, then hold down the L1 and R1 bumpers (PlayStation controller) or the LB and RB bumpers (Xbox controller). Once you’ve done this, immediately pull back on the left thumbstick, and this will move the ball in the opposite direction that your player was facing.

8) First-time running fake shot

A simple first-time running fake shot with a fast striker receiving the pass has the power to turn a simple ball into a golden opportunity. This move doesn’t require skill move stars, but remember to use it with your fastest player to break the defense.

Hold R2 (PlayStation controller) or the RT (Xbox controller) while performing a fake shot (Square or X then cancelled with X or A) aiming in the direction you want to go to surpass the defender.

7) Directional nutmeg

This is a move that has become quite meta in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team lately and any player in the game can do it. You’ll need to hold both L1 and R1 (PlayStation controller) or LB and RB (Xbox controller) and then flick the right stick at a 45-degree angle from the direction your player is facing.

Don’t underestimate this skill move even though it’s simple. The directional nutmeg is almost undefendable when performed quickly, so you’ll definitely want to practice it in your spare time.

6) Heel to heel

A must-known skill move, the heel-to-heel flick has been great throughout many editions of FIFA and isn’t hard to learn.

To perform a heel to heel, you’ll need a player with three-star skill moves, then you need to press the right stick ahead of the ball at a 45-degree angle and push it back in the opposite direction. Your player will move forward with a slight pace boost and your defender will most likely lose half a second to react to it, meaning it’s great to do in the edge of the box.

5) Roulette

The Roulette is a great skill move to use inside the ball when the defenders are either panicking or when they think you’re about to shoot the ball. It only requires a player with three-star skill moves, but the animation runs smoothly when you’re using agile players.

You’ll just need to do a 180-degree motion for either side with the right analog stick. Pretty simple, right?

4) Scoop turn

This four-star skill move is one of the most effective moves to use inside the box because you’ll have the angle to shoot the ball and score right after it.

The move is relatively simple, you’ll need to do a fake shot (Square or X then canceled with X or A) and at the same time, push your left stick to either way, depending on the direction you want to. The ball has to be standing still unless you’re using a player with five-star skill moves as they’re capable of doing it while the ball is in motion.

3) Ball roll scoop turn

The ball roll scoop is somewhat of a more advanced skill, but it’s so effective that it’ll probably beat any defender controlled by a human player.

You’ll need a player with five-star skill moves and then all you need to do is perform a simple ball roll with the right stick in a direction before instantly making a fake shot (Square or X then canceled with X or A) in the opposite direction.

2) Elastico

This is the first skill move of this list that will require a player with five-star skill moves (Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé are some of the best), but don’t be scared because it’s still relatively simple to make it.

To perform a elastico, rotate your right stick in a clockwise motion, depending on what direction your player is facing. The animation is very quick and fluid, allowing you to burst past your opponents in one-vs-one situations. It’s the signature move of the legendary Brazilian player Ronaldinho and pro FIFA players have counted on it to win tournaments.

1) La Croqueta

The La Croqueta has consistently been a overpowered skill move throughout the last editions of FIFA and is no different in FIFA 21. It requires a player with four-star skill moves and is an excellent option to use when you’re inside your opponent’s box.

To perform a La Croqueta hold L1 (PlayStation controller) or LB (Xbox One) and slightly move your right stick to the left or to the right, depending on the direction you want to go.