When does FIFA 22’s Road to the Final promo start in Ultimate Team?

Europe’s finest are set to hit FUT packs as live cards this week.

FIFA 22's RTTF promo revealed on EA loading screen.
Screengrab via EA SPORTS.

EA Sports has now confirmed the next FIFA 22 Ultimate Team promo will be the title’s annual Road to the Final live event which celebrates UEFA’s Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League with super-boosted new cards tied to the competitions’ remaining clubs.

The FIFA 22 publisher has already dipped into football’s European spectacle once this cycle with Road to the Knockouts, which focused on the group stages.

This time around, the focus is on the UEFA finals. The majority of the upcoming RTTF cards will be picked from the Champions League playoffs. This includes global powerhouses like Real Madrid, PSG, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, and reigning champions Chelsea. Other live cards will be picked from the lower-tiered competitions in Europe.

Four of the eight Champions League round of sixteen ties have already been played too, meaning players have a clearer picture of which cards are more valuable.

When does FIFA’s RTTF promo start?

EA Sports has confirmed via Ultimate Team’s loading screen FIFA 22’s Road to the Final event will begin on Friday, Feb. 18, and run for the following week. This will include the RTTF squad as well as special packs, SBCs, and more.

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There’s every chance the promo will include a second squad, “Team 2,” like in many past Ultimate Team events. The second lineup should hit packs on Friday, Feb. 25.

Screengrab via EA SPORTS.

How Road to the Final upgrades work

These RTTF cards are “live” FUT players. This means the newly-released versions will be upgraded via their real-life contemporaries’ performances and victories.

For this European-focused promo specifically, RTTF cards receive boosts for each Champions League stage their linked players achieve. The dynamic items will receive a +1 facelift to stats for each progression. That means if Liverpool defeats Inter Milan across their two-legged fixtures, any LFC cards will get the upgrades.

Conversely, defeats will stop the live card’s progression in its tracks. There are no real negatives for the versions, but they will receive no further upgrades.

Image via EA SPORTS.

Qualified Champions League teams

For FIFA 22 players interested in collecting certain Road to the Final cards, here’s which football clubs are still competing in Europe’s top competition, the Champions League. This is the pool of teams EA SPORTS will pick the live cards from.

  • Salzburg vs. Bayern Munich
  • Atletico Madrid vs. Manchester United
  • Villareal vs. Juventus
  • Benfica vs. Ajax
  • Inter Milan vs. Liverpool
  • PSG vs. Real Madrid
  • Sporting Lisbon vs. Manchester City
  • Chelsea vs. Lille

EA Sports is expected to reveal the full FIFA 22 Road to the Final promo team early Friday. The cards will then be added to packs at 12pm CT that same day.