EA won’t release a demo for FIFA 21

Fans can gain early access with EA Play.

Image via EA Sports

EA will be bucking a trend for the FIFA franchise by not having a demo for its latest entry, the company announced.

EA said the decision was made to “focus our development team’s time on delivering the best full game experience for current & next-gen consoles.”

A new version’s demo gave players what is essentially a first feel of the new game’s mechanics and ball movement, which will differ from version to version. FIFA 20‘s demo also gave fans a chance to try out the new futsal game mode, VOLTA.

For fans who want early access to the game starting Oct. 1, they can opt to sign up for EA Play. They’ll get to trial the game for 10 hours, with progress carried over upon its actual release on Oct. 9.

Players who opted for the upgraded Ultimate or Champions edition will get to play three days sooner, along with a host of benefits like FIFA Ultimate Team card packs.