Best Wingers in FIFA 23 so far

Outpace opponents with those players

Image via EA

FIFA 23 is right around the corner, and EA Sports have begun to share some details about players’ cards in the game. 

As with every edition of FIFA, every player will have a different overall rating determined based on the ratings of their skills, like Pace, Dribbling, Shooting, and more. The stats are set up by the developers, who judge the players’ real abilities on the pitch over the last year. 

Naturally, the better players you choose for a position, the better your team will be in FIFA 23. And there’s hardly a more pivotal role than a winger. In soccer, there are usually two of them on each side and they are the driving force for your squad.

So far, the devs haven’t released many FIFA 23 cards. But they have managed to share the best 23 players in the game, and also the top 23 players in the English Premier League. Among these players, you’ll find a few wingers who are the best ones in the game. 

Without further ado, here are the best wingers in FIFA 23 so far

Lionel Messi (91 Overall, Paris-Saint Germain, Argentina)

Image via EA

Widely recognized as the best player in the world, Lionel Messi takes the mantle of the best winger in FIFA 23. And, looking at the incredible stats, it should come as no surprise. With 81 Pace, 89 Shooting, 94 Dribbling, and 90 Passing, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Mohamed Salah (90 Overall, Liverpool, Egypt)

Image via EA

The Egyptian is beloved by Liverpool fans across the world for a good reason. Mohamed Salah is one of the key reasons the club ended its Premier League drought in 2019 and won the Champions League in the same year. He’s remained in tip-top shape over the last months, rightly earning second on this list with a 90 Overall rating. 

Neymar Jr (89 Overall, Paris Saint-Germain, Brazil)

Image via EA

Another pinnacle of PSG, Neymar takes the third spot on the podium of best wingers in FIFA 23 with an 89 Overall rating. While he’s better than Mo Salah by one point in Dribbling and by three points in Passing, he loses to the Egyptian in Pacing and Shooting, which are generally more important.

Heung Min Son (89 Overall, Tottenham Hotspur, South Korea)

Image via EA

Heung Min Son is another winger with an 89 Overall rating, which makes him the fourth-best on the list of winners. The South Korean won the Golden Boot in the Premier League last season by netting 23 goals in 35 matches—the most in the league alongside Liverpool’s Salah. Son was also arguably Tottenham’s best player last season, so his brilliant card in FIFA 23 is well deserved.

So far, only those four wingers have been revealed in FIFA 23. This list will be updated once new cards are released.