All FIFA 22 Squad Battles rewards for every rank

All efforts will be rewarded.

Image via EA Sports

The Ultimate Team is the most competitive game mode in all FIFA games. Not only will players need the skill to thrive in the game mode, but they’ll also need to use their resources as best as possible.

Players who are looking to avoid spending any additional real-life money on FIFA 22 to bolster their squads will need to use every opportunity to claim free rewards or unlock other in-game items to keep up with the competition.

Squad Battles is the perfect place for players who’d like to take a step back from FUT’s competitive nature since it’s a single-player game mode in which players can even earn rewards as they rank up. This mode has evolved into a nice alternative to earn additional rewards for most players, and it can also be the perfect place to test your new roster before you take it out for a spin versus other players.

Playing against artificial intelligence can feel slightly different compared to a real opponent, so you may also need to tune your gameplay to give yourself an advantage. There will be matches where you’ll need to focus on counter-attacking, while you may also need to play with a more aggressive style in others. Despite not placing players versus real opponents, Squad Battles does a great job of testing players’ FIFA skills, including roster building.

Here are all the Squad Battles rewards in FIFA 22.

Bronze threeA Premium Loan Player Reward Pack
Bronze twoA Gold Pack
Bronze one800 Coins and two Gold Packs
Silver three1,500 Coins, a Premium Gold Pack, and one Gold Pack
Silver two4,000 Coins, two Premium Gold Packs, a Gold Pack
Silver one7,000 Coins, two Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
Gold three10,000 Coins, a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, and one Prime Mixed Players Pack
Gold two11,000 Coins, a Prime Mixed Players Pack, and one Premium Gold Players Pack
Gold one11,000 Coins, a Premium Gold Players Pack, Prime Mixed Players Pack, and one  Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
Elite three12,000 Coins, a Mega Pack, and two Premium Gold Players Packs
Elite two15,000 Coins, two Mega Packs, a Premium Gold Players Pack
Elite one30,000 Coins, two Rare Mega Packs
Rank 200-10165,000 Coins, one Rare Players Pack, two Mega Packs
Rank 100-4165,000 Coins, Jumbo Rare Players Pack, two Mega Packs
Rank 40-2175,000 Coins One Jumbo Rare Player Pack, and two Rare Player Packs
Rank 20-285,500 Coins, one Ultimate Pack, two Rare Player Packs
Rank 1100,000 Coins, two Ultimate Packs, and two Rare Mega Packs

Judging by the rewards, ranking up in Squad Battles seems more than worth it since players will be able to unlock better rewards as they progress. Even if you’re gunning for higher ranks, playing Squad Battles is still a decent time investment just because of all the free items you can unlock. 

This mode is only one of the ways to gather free sources in FIFA 22 and once it’s combined with other activities that reward players free items, players can have a sustainable flow of new packs and coins to strengthen their squads.