When does MultiVersus release?

It's almost here!

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Warner Bros. is making its foray into the fighting game genre with its own cartoonish brawler called MultiVersus.

The game will feature a slew of newer characters like Fin and Jake from the popular animated series Adventure Time and classic faces that include Tom and Jerry as well as Bugs Bunny.

Not only is MultiVersus free-to-play, it is playable on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC with cross-play and cross-progression. This means players on different consoles can fight and earn experience in the same party.

Player First Games and Warner Bros. have given an official release date for the game’s open beta starting on July 26. Before the open beta, there was a week-long period starting on July 19 where players could earn access to MultiVersus through Twitch drops.

The final roster shown off for MultiVersus includes a dynamic cast of characters from Warner Bros.’ history of classic characters. These 16 characters are divided into different categories depending on their fighting style and preferred combat distance.

In the week between the early access and the open beta periods, players have been eager to learn about what’s in store for the future of the game. During San Diego Comic-Con 2022, MultiVersus confirmed three new characters that would be coming to the game: Lebron James, Morty Smith, and Rick Sanchez. Lebron is coming during the open beta, Morty on Aug. 9, and Rick sometime later.

While the game has some balancing issues and bugs, it’s been received positively by the community that is quickly forming around it. In the coming days, this fanbase is likely to increase thanks to the official release of the game.


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