When does MultiVersus release?

There's a little bit of ambiguity.

Image via Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. is making its foray into the fighting game genre with its own cartoonish brawler called MultiVersus.

The game will feature a slew of newer characters like Fin and Jake from the popular animated series Adventure Time and classic faces that include Tom and Jerry as well as Bugs Bunny.

Not only will MultiVersus be free-to-play, it will be playable on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC with cross-play and cross-progression.

Player First Games and Warner Bros. have not yet given a specific release date for the game, but they have announced the game will come out sometime in 2022. The vague release timeline means the game could come early in the year or during the holiday season. But with the game still untested, there is likely more work to be done.

Players who want to get in on the action early can sign up to test the game on its official website. Signing up for testing doesn’t guarantee players access to any testing, but it might be the only chance you’ll have at a personal sneak peak.

Players First and Warner Bros. have not yet announced any specifics regarding when testing might begin or how long it will last.