Sephiroth from Final Fantasy joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sephiroth will join the fray.

Image via Nintendo

Teased earlier in the day, Nintendo finally showed off Sephiroth from the Final Fantasy franchise during The Game Awards 2020 show. As the third character out of six from the second DLC Fighters Pass Two, Sephiroth will join in December 2020.

As a surprise to most, Sephiroth was a requested character for such a long while, but not expected to join since Cloud was also from the same franchise. The newest fighter will also bring a new stage, and multiple new musical tracks in similar fashion to every other DLC fighter that was brought into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

During the initial announcement, they only teased a few abilities and moves from Sephiroth. The most interesting moves Sephiroth seems to have at first glance is a wall cling using his sword in the air, and an up-air strike that looks like it effortlessly cuts through terrain.

Aside from Sephiroth, not much information on content outside of the new character hasn’t been shown. It is expected that other details, like Mii Costumes, list of any new musical soundtracks, and an extensive gameplay teaser from Sakurai, will come at a later date before the month concludes.

Fans can expect to play with Sephiroth later this month.