Nintendo says a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter will be revealed during The Game Awards

The announcement will come amid a slew of recent controversy for Nintendo.

super smash bros ultimate
Image via Nintendo

A new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character is set to be revealed during tonight’s live presentation of The Game Awards 2020, Nintendo announced earlier today.

This announcement will showcase a rapidly increasing pace in character releases for Ultimate. Steve, the game’s latest DLC fighter, was released just two months ago on Oct. 13. If this next character is released in the near future, namely before 2021, it’d be the fourth additional fighter added to the game this year.

Nintendo isn’t a stranger to announcing new DLC fighters during The Game Awards, either. During the 2018 edition of the event, the company announced Ultimate’s first new addition to the game’s roster, Joker from Persona 5

This announcement will come in conjunction with the game’s community recently taking up arms against Nintendo. The company has been making efforts as of late to shut down the scene surrounding Super Smash Bros. Melee, notably after sending a cease and desist letter to the tournament organizers of one of the game’s most historic and prestigious tournaments, The Big House. 

While a new character reveal is always an exciting time for Smash fans, tonight’s announcement will mark Nintendo’s first open interaction with the game’s community since the company began efforts to pull the rug out from under the player base just last month. 

If anything, the most intriguing part of tonight’s reveal might just be how the community at large responds to the idea of Nintendo showing its face with a positive announcement after the company’s audacious behavior over the span of the last month. Largely, Nintendo has remained totally silent in regard to its recent interactions with the Smash community. A “business as usual” approach at tonight’s presentation could potentially be met with a negative reception. 

The Game Awards are set to kick off at 5:30pm CT, but the exact time frame for Nintendo’s announcement during the show hasn’t been announced.