Potential Dragon Ball FighterZ glitch allows Krillin to revive himself using Senzu Beans

The timing is very specific, but the result could be huge.

Screengrab via Maximilian Dood

The newest patch for Dragon Ball FighterZ is live, adding in multiple system changes, new mechanics, and a balance update that has shifted how multiple characters and strategies within the game can work. 

The patch itself buffed a majority of the roster, but one specific change may have led to a glitch involving Krillin’s Senzu Bean. 

Prior to the patch, Krillin could use the iconic Senzu Bean to heal his own health, as long as it was shown as blue recoverable health in the bar. The move can also be used as a Z-Assist and has multiple variations that can heal other Z-Assist characters, the opponent, or their assists depending on how it is thrown, unless you want to use the input to throw a rock. 

One of the ways Senzu Bean can be utilized is by throwing it behind Krillin and bouncing it off the screen’s invisible wall, which makes it fly back towards Krillin. Once the bean impacts the ground, it can be picked up by anyone, but it will only be active for around five seconds. 

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Typically, this wouldn’t mean much and would just act as a way for the player to heal Krillin himself rather than one of the inactive Z-Assist characters that has blue recoverable health. However, in the new patch, the move got some updated text. 

  • Senzu Bean: Will now restore health even when there is no restorable health available. 

Most players initially thought that this change meant that a Senzu Bean could now heal teammates and Krillin at its usual fixed rate, without the need for blue recoverable health being present in the bar. But one viral clip shows that it might be even more useful than that. 

While in the middle of a match, one Krillin player throws a Senzu Bean off the back wall and proceeds to jump over it. They are caught in a combo and hit by a Broly Z-Assist that would kill Krillin, sending him into a post-impact animation where he would supposedly fall to the ground defeated. 

Instead of simply laying on the ground and the player’s next fighter coming in, Krillin landed on the still-active Senzu Bean, recovering a small percentage of his health, and bouncing back up as an active character. However, the post-death animation swap still played out, bringing the opposing player’s Broly (DBS) out into the battle while Krillin remained alive and was still available to use. 

It is currently unclear if this is what Bandai Namco and ArcSystemWorks intended the patch to do for the Senzu Bean or if it is a glitch. It doesn’t really matter, especially since it is very unlikely that players will be able to consistently toss a bean back and then get knocked into it right as they are being KO’d, but it will be interesting to see if Bandai comments on the situation or patches it out later.