MultiVersus Season One gets new August release date, will add Morty, new battle pass, more

New characters, cosmetics, and modes are abound.

Image via Player First Games

Crossover platform fighter MultiVersus finally has a date for its first official season, which will be starting on Monday, Aug. 15, and will herald the launch of new playable characters, a brand-new battle pass, and more.

Opening the beta to the public on July 26, MultiVersus has experienced remarkable success during its incredibly short tenure. Though the release of season one was delayed, the Twitter account of the wildly popular fighting game confirmed the new release date.

The Warner Bros. produced game has promised an ever-expanding roster of characters, many of which have already been leaked, however two already announced characters are sure to make their debuts. Morty from the animated series Rick and Morty will join the ranks of MultiVersus only days after the release of season one, on Aug. 23. It is currently unknown whenever his other half, Rick, will be implemented into the game, however it is projected to be sometime during season one.

MultiVersus’ announcement Tweet also announced the start of an all-new battle pass to go along with season one. Though none of the pass’s content has yet been revealed, the season one snapshot, which previewed new cosmetics, variant costumes, banners, and icons, will likely fill out much of the upcoming battle pass.

In a follow-up Tweet, MultiVersus alerted players not all new content, including the new ranked and classic arcade modes, will not be dropped on the same day, but will instead be spread out through the lifespan of season one.

Players can follow MultiVersus on Twitter to keep up to date on the release of new modes, upcoming characters, and various other features.