Is Gus Fring in MultiVersus?

Maybe he hides in plain sight.

MultiVersus with Gamecube Controller and Mayflash Adapter
Image via Warner Bros. | Remixed by Dot Esports

MultiVersus is currently one of the hottest platform fighter games. The game respects the roots of the genre and it does it while bringing fan favorites from the Warner Bros. universe.

From LeBron James to Batman, MultiVersus is filled with characters most players will be familiar with from different franchises. Though the game has a handful of characters right now, fans are already wondering who might be the next additions to the game.

Considering the number of different franchises inside the game, players already started looking into the ones that are currently missing in MultiVersus. Breaking Bad’s Walter White and Gustavo “Gus” Fring are on top of the list.

There have been pictures online, making fans question whether Breaking Bad’s iconic characters could be headed toward MultiVersus.

Will Gus Fring be in MultiVersus?

No, Gustavo Gus Fring isn’t in MultiVersus and it’s unlikely that he’ll become a part of the game in the future unless there happens to be a crossover.

The Breaking Bad IP is owned by Sony Pictures, meaning Warner Bros. would need a lot of paperwork before it could introduce Gustavo Gus Fring to MultiVersus.

While it’s technically not impossible, Gustavo Gus Fring’s chances of making it to MultiVersus are likely to be slim. Warner Bros. still has more than a handful of characters to introduce from IPs that it owns, so there won’t be a shortage of new characters in MultiVersus any time soon.