Cody crashes into Street Fighter V on June 26

Season three continues to get better.

Image via Capcom

Cody makes his long-awaited return to Street Fighter on June 26 when he joins the Street Fighter V roster. He’ll be season three’s fourth DLC character after Sakura, Blanka, and Flake were released over the past few months.

Cody is originally from Capcom’s beat-em-up series Final Fight before becoming a playable fighter in Street Fighter Alpha 3, his debut game. He was known as a reckless vigilante who fought to survive in the harsh slums of Metro City, but in Street Fighter V, he becomes the mayor of Metro City.

Cody isn’t the only Final Fight character to be put into a Street Fighter game over the years. Guy, Hugo, Poison, and more recently, Abigail, are just some of many characters from Final Fight to make an appearance in Street Fighter titles.

Cody will launch with four costumes based on his old Final Fight look, a homage to Final Fight character Mike Haggar, his classic Street Fighter IV look, and a new battle costume.

Cody and the other five season three characters were originally revealed at the finals of the 2017 Capcom Cup in December. They were all shown off within a brand new trailer for the Arcade Edition of Street Fighter V that debuted with the game late last year.

Cody can be bought with in-game currency or for $5.99. Anyone looking to get Cody, Falke, Blanka, Sakura, and the two future DLC characters—G and Sagat—can purchase the season three character pass for $29.99 on Steam or the PlayStation store.