Blue Mary rolls into King of Fighters XV’s launch roster

There is absolutely no way this won't impact her job.

Screengrab via SNK

SNK rolled out a classy reveal for King of Fighters XV, revealing Blue Mary as a playable fighter for the game’s launch roster. 

Following up Ralf Jones and Clark Still’s reveal from last week, Mary is a nice change of pace, adding another grappler to the game. SNK showcased her specific focus on aerial maneuvers when utilizing her locks, however. Many of her classic moves are back, and she demonstrates them to devastating effect against Terry Bogard and Joe Higashi in her introduction trailer. 

Mary tends to work as a freelance special agent doing odd jobs around the world, though that usually ends up putting her in close proximity to events like the King of Fighters tournament. She is typically friendly to everyone, but puts her job first in most instances that don’t involve close friends like Terry. 

Mary is the 21st fighter to be officially revealed for the KoF XV roster but does not yet have a team surrounding her. K’, another upcoming playable character, was shown in the first official trailer but has yet to receive a gameplay showcase yet.

KoF XV is set to release later this year. No official release date has been given, though SNK has continued to drop weekly character reveals. At this rate, EX Blue Mary might even make a comeback if the developers start pulling deep cuts.