Fall Guys teases DOOM costume

"...time to suit up."

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys players might be getting a Doom Praetor suit in the game “soon.” Mediatonic teased a Doom costume earlier today and the official Doom Twitter account retweeted it after saying “bean thinking of you @FallGuysGame.”

The skin’s appearance hasn’t been revealed yet, but it’ll likely follow other costumes and separated into an upper and bottom part. Each piece will probably cost five crowns, totaling 10 crowns for the whole costume.

Many fans noticed how the teaser image showed a suspicious and NSFW silhouette, but some curious fans increased the image’s brightness and found the rest of the probable Doom Praetor suit.

Fall Guys season three was announced last week and will be called Winter Knockout. Mediatonic made fans put together a 300-piece puzzle to reveal the next season’s theme. The company hasn’t announced the launch date yet, however.

Doom Eternal is the latest title of the franchise, released in March for PC, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, and Xbox One. The game will come to Nintendo Switch next week on Dec. 8.

There have been many game character skins added to Fall Guys, including an Untitled Goose Game, Godzilla, and Sonic the Hedgehog costume. A new partnership costume seems to launch every month.