Nigma steamroll Liquid at WeSave! Charity Play

This match featured four games of hard support Clinkz.

Photo via DreamHack

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Team Liquid and Nigma clashed in the European finals of the WeSave! Charity Play Dota 2 tournament today. Liquid took the first game off a Broodmother last pick, but Nigma quickly adjusted and tore through their opponents rapidly in three straight games to win the finals 3-1.

Liquid and Nigma have met three times so far this season, with Liquid winning two of the three series. Both teams were also victims of the remarkably stacked European region qualifiers, failing to qualify for the ESL One Los Angeles Major. But they’ll be featured in the online version that runs from March 28 to April 19.

The first two games were a battle of cheese. The first game saw Liquid pick up Broodmother, which proceeded to run over Nigma’s draft that was lacking a proper counter. Game two saw Liquid taking the Brood again, but Nigma quickly responded with the blue cheese of last picks in w33’s Meepo, who imposed himself firmly on the proceedings of the match.

The funky strategies didn’t stop for the rest of the series. The third game saw Nigma pick up a position five Clinkz for the third time in a row, along with GH’s own signature Tusk that wrecked Liquid’s tri lane with barely any help from Miracle-. Nigma also elected to put an unorthodox Spirit Breaker in the mid lane. Nigma’s overwhelming aggression in the early parts of the game meant that Liquid were unable to even put their foot on the gas.

Nigma went straight for the Clinkz and Tusk pick up once again, which has proved to be a surprisingly effective support duo with their oodles of physical damage with Searing Arrows and Tag Team. It was barely a contest at this point, though. Nigma just ran around and destroyed anybody they caught. KuroKy’s position five Clinkz ended with 15 kills to cap off the series to further reinforce Nigma’s confidence in the hero.

Nigma are the champions of Europe, taking down Team Secret and Liquid in the process. But the curtains haven’t been drawn just yet. Upon reaching a donation stretch goal, WePlay! Esports has organized an additional series between the winners of the European and CIS regions. Nigma will face HellRaisers, who haven’t dropped a single game against Virtus Pro and Natus Vincere.

The WeSave! Charity Play tournament has raised over $60,000 in addition to its initial $120,000 prize pool, which will be donated to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and GlobalGiving to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic.