EHOME blasts “unprofessional” Elephant for failing to pay Sylar’s transfer fee

Let's talk about the Elephant in the room.

Photo via StarLadder

Following the resolution over the protracted Eurus transfer saga between Vici Gaming and Elephant, another Chinese club is wading into the murky waters to air their greivances.

According to an official press release from EHOME, Elephant’s conduct in the transfer has been subpar. Describing it as a “farce,” EHOME called for Elephant to properly compensate for the loss of their player.

Read the full release below, as translated by Dot Esports.

During this season’s transfer window, EHOME reached an agreement with Elephant for Sylar’s transfer, in accordance with the player’s wishes and desire for career development. Yet, we could not have foreseen the ensuing farce. Both parties’ management has discussed and agreed to proper compensation in order to prematurely terminate Sylar’s contract, thus protecting the legal rights and interests of both our club and the player.

Till today, despite numerous attempts at communicating and pressuring Elephant, the club has yet to properly honor the agreement and pay the required compensation.

Elephant’s lack of contractual obligation, unprofessionalism, and lack of conduct in this matter left us deeply regretful. We wish that Elephant would comply with the relevant protocols and recompense the requisite amount, or EHOME reserves the right to pursue legal action.”

Veteran carry Liu “Sylar” Jiajun, was part of Elephant’s initial roster announcement but was removed less than a day after. Reportedly, the player was a last-minute suggestion from Somnus, and was quickly replaced by Eurus after a hasty meeting with Elephant’s management.

While Elephant finally got their dream team, the complications were far from over. Vici Gaming, Eurus’ former club, temporarily forbade the player from participating in competition. While VG had let Eurus leave in good faith, Elephant failed to pay his transfer fee, rumored to be around $220,000.

EHOME has seemingly seen enough, taking their own troubles with Elephant public. Sylar, now left without a team, will still have to endure the unfair scrutiny placed on him by the one-day stint at Elephant.

Once VG went public with their accusations, however, Elephant quickly resolved the matter. Moreover, the new roster would no longer be affiliated with PUBG esports organization Four Angry Men, and would henceforth be operating independently as Elephant.

Elephant has yet to respond to the matter, though the anticipation for the team’s all-star roster has been thoroughly dampened by the organization’s conduct. Various Chinese clubs like PSG.LGD, VG, and Royal Never Give Up posted their support for EHOME in the post.