Dota Pro Circuit 2023: DPC Spring Tour scores, standings, and points

Mid-season rumble.

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One-third of the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit is done after the Lima Major recently concluded with Gaimin Gladiator’s triumph over Team Liquid, though the latter had to play with a stand-in due to a health emergency.

While Dota 2’s best got to test their mettle at this year’s first LAN event, a mini roster shuffle kicked off for everyone else in the interim. Teams around the world again set out on a search to find a working formula as a way to recompose after crashing out of the DPC and Major.

This roster shuffle period didn’t last long, however, as the DPC kicked off on March 13 with Division I action.

This time around, teams are competing for a spot at the Berlin Major, the second LAN event of the 2023 season, and the penultimate DPC gate before The International 12. 

Given the poor results of some regions at the Lima Major, there were talks regarding reducing the available Major slots of weaker ones, but Valve hasn’t made any changes to the distribution of slots yet. The developer has been busy working to improve the game’s competitive integrity, banning over 40 Dota 2 pros and kicking five teams out of China’s DPC Tour in the process. 

With a slight reminder from Valve that they are always watching, to the point where it completely reshaped the Chinese DPC for the Spring Tour, the next part of the season commences with full force, and here’s everything you need to know about it, including its prize pool, format, schedule, standings, and all of the DPC Points up for grabs.

Dota Pro Circuit 2023: Full DPC Spring Tour points, scores, and standings

The Spring tour for the 2023 DPC is taking place on Patch 7.32e, which introduced Muerta. Despite a new hero, there was a clear lack of impactful changes for the overall meta, which will hopefully arrive with 7.33 in late April.

In the meantime, Dota 2 fans and pros are stuck with another variation of 7.32 for the remainder of the Spring tour that started on March 13 and will end on April 2.

Once the division one action wraps up, division two will kick off on April 5.

  • DPC Spring Tour Division I schedule
    • Prize pool: $205,000 and 920 DPC Points
    • China: March 13 to April 5
    • EEU: March 12 to April 2
    • NA: March 13 to April 2
    • WEU: March 13 to April 2
    • SEA: March 13 to April 4
    • SA: March 12 to April 1
  • DPC Spring Tour Division II schedule
    • Prize pool: $75,000
    • China: TBA
    • NA: April 5 to April 25
    • EEU: TBA
    • SA: TBA
    • SEA: TBA
    • WEU: April 5 to April 25
  • DPC Spring Tour Berlin Major schedule and invites
    • Dates: April 27 to May 7
    • Western Europe: Four teams
    • China: Four teams
    • Eastern Europe: Three teams
    • Southeast Asia: Tour teams
    • North America: Two teams
    • South America: Two teams

The bottom two teams in Division I will be relegated to Division II, while the first two teams of the latter will advance to the first division. Teams placing last in the second division will relegate from the regional leagues, and they will be required to play through open qualifiers for their chance at redemption against other teams looking to earn their spot in the DPC.

Here are the complete regional results for all six Dota 2 regions across both Division I and II—The standings are updated as the matches are completed and with finalized results bolded to show they are locked in.

Western Europe DPC Spring Tour Regional League Standings

Division I

RankTeamRecordSeedDPC PointsPrize
1Team Liquid6-1Berlin Major400$30,000
2Tundra Esports5-2Berlin Major240$28,000
3Gaimin Gladiators5-2Berlin Major160$27,000
4OG3-4Berlin Major80$26,000
5Ooredoo Thunders3-4N/A40$25,000
8Nigma Galaxy2-5Relegation$22,000

Division II

RankTeamRecordSeedDPC PointsPrize
1Team Secret6-1Division IN/A$17,000
2Ancient Tribe5-2Division IN/A$16,000
3D2 Hustlers5-2N/AN/A$15,000
5Into the Breach3-3N/AN/A$9,000
6Old G2-4N/AN/A$7,000

China DPC Spring Tour Regional League Standings

Division I

RankTeamRecordSeedDPC PointsPrize
1Xtreme Gaming6-1Berlin Major400$30,000
2PSG.LGD6-1Berlin Major240$28,000
3Invictus Gaming4-3Berlin Major160$27,000
4Team Aster4-3Berlin Major80$26,000
6Ybb Gaming3-4N/A$24,000
7Vici Gaming2-5Relegation$23,000
8Outsiders from CN0-7Relegation$22,000

Division II

RankTeamRecordSeedDPC PointsPrize
1Piggy Killer6-1Division IN/A$17,000
2Meteor Gaming4-3Division IN/A$16,000
4Team Bright4-3N/AN/A$11,000
6Poke Gaming3-4N/AN/A$7,000

Eastern Europe DPC Spring Tour Regional League Standings

Division I

RankTeamRecordSeedDPC PointsPrize
1HellRaisers7-0Berlin Major400$30,000
2Team Spirit6-1Berlin Major240$28,000
3BetBoom Team5-2Berlin Major160$27,000
5One Move3-4N/A40$25,000
7Natus Vincere1-6Relegation$23,000

Division II

RankTeamRecordSeedDPC PointsPrize
1Nemiga Gaming6-0Division IN/A$17,000
2UALEIKUMNIHAO4-1Division IN/A$16,000
4NAVI Junior3-3N/AN/A$11,000
5Team Sexy3-2N/AN/A$9,000
7No Sorry2-4RelegationN/A

Southeast Asia DPC Spring Tour Regional League Standings

Division I

RankTeamRecordSeedDPC PointsPrize
1Talon Esports7-0Berlin Major400$30,000
2Execration5-2Berlin Major240$28,000
3Team SMG5-2Berlin Major160$27,000
4Army Geniuses4-3N/A80$26,000
5Blacklist International3-4N/A40$25,000
6Bleed Esports2-5N/A$24,000
7Geek Slate1-6Relegation$23,000
8Polaris Esports1-6Relegation$22,000

Division II

RankTeamRecordSeedDPC PointsPrize
1BOOM Esports6-0Division IN/A$17,000
2XERXIA6-1Division IN/A$16,000
3UD Vessuwan4-2N/AN/A$15,000
5IHC Esports3-4N/AN/A$9,000
6Myth Avenue Gaming3-4N/AN/A$7,000
7SPAWN Team2-5RelegationN/A
8Team Tough0-7RelegationN/A

North America DPC Spring Tour Regional League Standings

Division I

RankTeamRecordSeedDPC PointsPrize
1TSM7-0Berlin Major400$30,000
2Shopify Rebellion6-1Berlin Major240$28,000
6Team DogChamp3-4N/A$24,000
8Wildcard Gaming0-7Relegation$22,000

Division II

RankTeamRecordSeedDPC PointsPrize
1ALPHA5-1Division IN/A$17,000
2Sand King Gómez5-1Division IN/A$16,000
3Another NA Team3-3N/AN/A$15,000
4CDUB Esports3-3N/AN/A$11,000
5The Cut3-3N/AN/A$9,000
7The Oversight2-4RelegationN/A
8Fart Studios0-7RelegationN/A

Fart Studios forfeited the remainder of its DPC matches after being forced to concede the first two series due to three players not being present in North America to play their games.

Related: Fart Studios call for DPC changes to combat ‘instability’ after being forced into forfeits

South America DPC Spring Tour Regional League Standings

Division I

RankTeamRecordSeedDPC PointsPrize
1beastcoast7-0Berlin Major400$30,000
2Evil Geniuses6-1Berlin Major240$28,000
3Thunder Awaken5-2N/A160$27,000
5Infamous R2-5N/A40$25,000
7Keyd Stars2-5Relegation$23,000

Division II

RankTeamRecordSeedDPC PointsPrize
1Mad Kings6-0Division IN/A$17,000
2Balrogs5-2Division IN/A$16,000
4x5 Gaming4-3N/AN/A$11,000
6Dreamer Esports2-5N/AN/A$7,000


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