Dendi’s team B8 is on a 24-game losing streak, the longest in pro Dota 2 history

This probably isn't the kind of record Dendi wants his name associated with.

Screengrab via B8

There’s no doubt that Dendi is a record-setting Dota 2 legend. But his most recent team, B8, has been setting some dubious records of their own.

Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen, a Dota 2 statistician running, revealed that B8 have lost 24 games in a row over three weeks. Their last victory came in a series vs. Winstrike at the Epic Prime League. B8 won the first game but went on to lose the best-of-three.

Screengrab via Dotabuff

B8 have lost all 12 games in the ongoing WePlay! Pushka League and were one of the first teams eliminated from the competition.

The blame can’t be placed entirely on the team, however. The organization has been unable to summon their first-team for most of the tournament, leading to them recruiting different substitutes through the event.

Dendi’s all-time record with B8 stands at 9-48 at time of writing, a win rate that’s under 16 percent.

B8 is a player-owned organization, an effort from Dendi to continue his run in the pro scene after his nine-year stint with Natus Vincere came to an end. He’s continued to wear two hats with B8, responsible for both mid lane and captaining duties.

It remains an uncommon choice for a high-priority core player to be a captain, though. Maybe it’s time for Dendi to dedicate himself to one role to try to reverse B8’s fortunes.