Arteezy hits 11,000 MMR

The original NA grinder is back at the top.

eg vs liquid leipzig major
Photo via Valve

Arteezy is probably opting out of resetting his MMR in Dota 2 anytime soon.

Evil Geniuses’ carry player was relatively late to the party considering his status as North America’s premier MMR grinder, but he reached the 11,000 MMR milestone today.

The Canadian star attained the landmark with an assortment of his usual signature carry heroes such as Anti-Mage, Faceless Void, and Terrorblade, picking up a Void Spirit for the mid lane when necessary. He secured 11,000 with an obscene farming performance on Terrorblade, aided by his dominant space-creating cores.

Arteezy’s post refers to Quinn Callahan, the midlaner for Quincy Crew, another notable MMR grinder in the region. Arteezy currently ranks second on the NA leaderboards, one position ahead of Quinn, with the top spot occupied by a suspected exploiter.

Arteezy is the third member of EG to hit the 11,000 mark. Midlaner Abed was the first player in the world to claim the achievement five months ago, while support Cr1t- joined the club five days ago.

On the competitive side of things, EG has recently been relatively quiet. Arteezy last competed in the European OMEGA League, playing on delayed ping from NA. The team bowed out with a top-six placing, losing to Alliance in a lower bracket matchup.

With the second season of OMEGA League set to start next month, EG likely hopes that its three 11,000 MMR geniuses can get their hands on a major championship.